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We offer a huge range of repairs & maintenance

Steering & Suspension

There are many components that impact the comfort, control and stopping ability of your car when worn. We replace old, tired parts, to ensure your safety as well as restore your comfort.

Log Book Servicing

Our log book services maintain the warranty on your vehicle as we work in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. These services can increase the life of your car and actively avoid major repairs in the future. The log book contains your service history.

Wheel & Tyre Packages

We have a wide range of high-quality alloy and steel wheels that will enhance the whole look and performance of your car. Its all customised to suit your budget without compromising quality.

Oil & Filter Change

Recommended 4-6 months or between 5,000 and 10,000 km depending on the oil viscosity required for the vehicle. We also replenish coolant levels and other fluids that need to be topped up. We check the condition of the vehicle for any worn belts, fluid leaks, defective parts and also check the condition of your brakes and tyres to ensure your safety.

Wheel Balancing & Alignment

When balancing wheels we distribute weight evenly around the tyres. This improves comfort, tyre wear and a longer life for your tyres. Wheel alignments readjust the angle of the wheels to align with the road. If your steering wheel is shaking then a balance is recommended. If steering is pulling to one side your alignment may be out.

Belt & Hose Replacement

Belts are required to be changed at certain mileage intervals for every vehicle. However it is essential to replace a belt if it starts to crack or rip. Hoses may burst or leak, lose pressure or crack and cause the vehicle to perform poorly. Either can cause damage to other parts of the engine. We replace belts and hoses so your car runs harmoniously.

Battery Replacement

If your car struggles to turn on and is sluggish it may be time to replace your battery. Batteries that are corroded should also be replaced to avoid acid leaks. Our batteries come with up to 3 years warranty and installation is included.

Flat Tyre Repair

If your tyre has gone flat or seems to be losing pressure slowly, you may have a puncture. Most punctures are repairable depending on its size and location, however slashes, side wall damage or driving on a flat tyre will require a tyre replacement.

Brakes & Rotors

The vital component that keeps you safe and ensures your car comes to a stop is the brake system. When brake pads wear, they thin out and it takes longer for the vehicle to stop. Disc rotors also wear out but not as quickly as brakes however they can become damaged if brake pads are not replaced on time. We have brakes and rotors to suit all vehicles; luxury, eco, off-road or light trucks.


We have the latest diagnostic technology to scan and diagnose your vehicle. If your engine light or other warning signs are displayed, we can accurately determine the cause. It also gives more insight into why your car may not be performing well.


Transmissions require to be serviced. The transmission fluid overtime will become contaminated and dirty. This service can preserve the quality of your transmission and allow us to check for transmission leaks or worn gaskets. We also do gearbox and clutch replacements.

Inspections & Safety Checks

Registration/E-safety checks are required for vehicles over 5 years old at the time of registration to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and complies with the mandatory requirements of Roads and Maritime Services NSW.

Radiators & Water Pumps

Radiators and water pumps work to regulate your engines temperature and prevents the engine from becoming too hot. If your vehicle begins to overheat, or coolant can be seen leaking then you may need a radiator or water pump replacement.

Windscreen Replacement

Cracked windscreens are hazardous even if its a hair line crack it can quickly become larger. This can impair your vision drastically. It is illegal to drive with a cracked windscreen in NSW. We provide affordable windscreen replacements.

Engine Changes

Sometimes the only option left is to replace your vehicles engine, this can be cheaper than purchasing a new vehicle. If you notice knocking noises, increased exhaust smoke, rough idling, decreased performance and the check engine light is on then this can be an indicator that its time for a new engine.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs produce power to ignite the engine. When they become old, faulty, or corroded they cause rough idling, trouble starting, misfiring, high fuel consumption and poor acceleration. They should be changed at certain mileage intervals for the best efficiency and performance of your engine.

Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments are recommended every 6 months or after a hard impact such as hitting a pothole. Aligning adjusts the angles of your vehicle's wheels to its original specifications. This ensures for best fuel economy, even tread wear, a smooth ride, and the longest tyre life.

Air Filters

Air filters act as lungs, allowing air to flow through your engine while blocking out small particles and debris that can potentially cause expensive damages. Replacing your air filter also improves fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and most importantly prolongs the life of your engine.


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